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Job Openings at Sony Image Works

  job Openings at Sony Image Works

Designs and creates lighting and the look of computer generated objects and scenes. Designs and creates images, effects and programs for digitally composited sequences. Responsible for compiling the various elements of a shot and seeing it through completion. Works with a team on a production to determine various design solutions. Knowledge of applicable software platforms including Houdini, Renderman, UNIX, Maya and shell scripts highly desirable. 2-4+ years production experience, feature film experience highly desirable. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or computer graphics.

Helps to determine creative and technical approach, specifications and pipeline. Provides leadership to achieve the desired computer graphics effects. Works with the Producer to estimate project job schedules. Monitors project process, directs staff and participates in plate shoots. Working knowledge of applicable software platforms, UNIX, Maya, shell scripts highly desirable. 4+ years production experience with 3 years in feature films. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or computer graphics.

Composites feature and commercial 2D effects shots. Knowledge of applicable software platforms, UNIX, Composer and shell scripts highly desirable. Performs all tasks to complete a shot, including matte extraction, painting, roto, 2D motion, compositing and use of ancillary 2D programs. Coordinates and combines the work of Roto Artists, TD’s and Matte Painters. Experience as an artist or camera operator.

Experienced with curve-based motion programs such as Kuper Systems, Lynx, RP4, SoftImage, Maya or 3D Studio highly desirable. Experienced in special effects production (traditional or CG based). Must be able to visualize in 3D. Related experience in traditional motion control and optical compositing desired but not required.

Experience with the Silicon Graphics and NT workstations and servers including a working knowledge of installation, configuration and operation of networks, routers, gateways, firewalls, IRIX and NT operating systems, shell scripting (csh, Perl) , programming (C, C++), backup systems, distribution systems, and commonly used third party applications (i.e. Maya, Composer, Renderman, Matador, Inferno). BS in CS/EE is desired. MS in CS/EE is a plus, as is post production and film experience.

Design, develop, and maintain CG software for live-action visual effects. Programming experience required in one or more of the following areas: 3D modeling, animation, and computational geometry; 2D image processing, tracking and color science; facial, character, and behavioral animation; particle effects and natural phenomenon; rendering; film scanning and printing; motion control; audio analysis; and animation packages (Maya, SoftImage, Houdini, Nichimen, Flame, RenderMan, etc.). C/C++ experience required, SGI/NT development experience desirable.

Design, develop, and maintain CG software for networking, distributed execution, digital media (video and HD playback, audio synchronization, deck control, CCIR 601), film scanning and printing, digital asset management, and visual effects pipeline automation. Programming experience is required in one or more of the following areas: Unix or NT systems libraries, POSIX, and daemons; TCP/IP and interprocess communication; threading, asynchronous I/O, and multi-processing; digital media libraries (SGI dmedia or NT Win32); file, memory, and process management; and advanced systems architectures. C/C++ experience is required. SGI and NT development and CG production pipeline experience is desirable. Oracle, OCI, ODBC, CORBA, Java, Visual Basic, network programming, Unix or NT systems libraries, and multi-platform (SGI, Sun, Macintosh, and PC) experience is strongly desirable.

Responsible for managing all data and video information, including tracking, data storage, and retrieval for a particular show. Additional responsiblities include daily video transfers, plate loading, tape backup, directory creation and maintenance. Degree in computer science, with previous data management experience desired. Solid understanding of UNIX commands. Scripting skills a plus. Previous feature film experience desirable.

Utilizes both traditional animation skills and computer graphics systems to create desired effects. Responsible for designing and creating the motion of computer graphics characters within a shot. Working knowledge of UNIX, Maya, SoftImage and other software packages highly desirable. Familiar with 3D commercial modeling, Maya, preferred. 2-5+ years production animation experience, feature film experience highly desirable. Bachelor's degree or 3 year certificate in classical animation or related field.

Designs and builds the geometry of organic and inorganic computer graphics models. Technical understanding of modeling mathematics. Knowledge of UNIX, Alias, Maya, and 3D commercial modeling packages highly desirable. Maya is preferred. Familiar with animation production for film and video. Digital techniques, character animation and sculpting experience highly desirable. 3-5+ years of experience. BA/BS in computer science, fine arts or related fields.

Required Skills: - Three to five+ years experience in the creation and application of renderman shaders for motion picture visual effects. - Thorough understanding of the requirements of shader usage in a fast-paced digital production environment - Demonstrated ability to create production-ready shaders as part of an overall rendering pipeline. - Strong technical skills including software design/implementation combined with a solid understanding of math and physics theories. - Strong artistic skills with a demonstrated ability in the creation of cinematic color and lighting on a digital production

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