Scope & career in animation

                                                             career in animation

scope for the animation industry right now is very high the thing is the students should have good guidelines in choosing the path in it we have to choose right and correct track that we are really interested in in making of movie it involves in different stages

Pre production:  This is the stage which takes place before being started it mainly involves in story boarding screenplay and so on at this stage animation and the software work is not involved

Production:  This is the stage where the movie gets started and all the action involves in this stage we can see the modeling, textureing, lighting, rigging, and animation.
                  Modeling: It is completely involved in design of a character. Hear we will create a character with the help of some software like Maya,3Dmax, Soft image and so


                 Textureing: After completion of  a character modeling it will textured by texture artist. textureing is mainly giving skin to a character it is the outer look of a character how it looks and all the software's that are used is Adobe photoshop to create a texture and to place it on the character we again use Maya,or 3d max, or Soft image and so
                 Lighting: Lighting is also an other different path where we give the lighting settings to the character that are modeled and textured the lighting effects give the realistic look effects of shadows and all again for lighting also we use Maya or 3D max or Soft image and so
                 Rigging: Rigging is the stage where after a character is modeled the rigger rigs the character. in normal words rigging is nothing but giving bones to a character so the it can be animated we again use Maya,or 3d max, or Soft image and so

                 Animation: Animation is the stage which is done after the stage of rigging animation is said be giving a movement to a character animator will animate a character and give life to it 


    Post Production:
Post production is the final stage in this stage the composting VFX editing plays major role                 
                  VFX: In this department we can see all the visual effects such as tsunami's earth quakes blasts all the visual particle effects come under this department we mainly us Houdini software to do vfx

                  Composting: This department plays vital role in rig removal wire removal roto dust bust so on the main  theme in this composting department is composing all the characters together and makes us to feel they are together

                  Video Editing: It is the final stage where the editor edits the unwanted scenes and syncs the audio with the video