Friday, 3 June 2011

Animation job Openings in Rhythm&hues


job Openings in Rhythm&hues

          Rhythm & Hues Studios India* is looking for artists to work on different high-end Hollywood feature films at their Mumbai and Hyderabad studios.
Artists at R&H India are fully integrated with the overall production process and contribute to all stages of the animation and VFX pipeline.
R&H India`s creativity was recently showcased in the VFX of "The A Team`, "Yogi Bear", "X Men : First Class", "Red Riding Hood","Little Fockers" & "Hop"
Films that are currently in production include, "Alvin & The Chipmunks 3: Chip-Wrecked" "Life of Pi", "Money Ball", and "Everybody Loves Whales".

Job Opportunities are in the following positions.

(Both Freshers & Experienced artists can apply)
(Both Freshers & Experienced artists can apply)
Texturing Artist
(Artists with 2-3 years of experience using Photoshop and BodyPaint are encouraged to apply)
(Artists with 2-3 years of compositing experience using software like Shake, Digital Fusion, Nuke etc. are encouraged to apply)
FX Support TD
(Both Freshers & Experienced artists can apply, knowledge of Houdini will be an added advantage)
Production Coordinator
(candidates with excellent communication skills and understanding of Animation and Visual effects can apply)

Upcoming Apprentice Programs scheduled:
BG Prep / Roto Apprenticeship starting at Mumbai on 4th July 2011
Camera Tracking / MatchMove Apprenticeship starting at Hyderabad on 4th July 2011
(Both Freshers and experienced candidates can apply)

Please Note : Candidates with strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.,)
with a BFA or equivalent degree will be given preference.

For more details :

Immediate Openings
Junior Educator / Trainer - 3D Animation and Visual Effects
3D Modeler
Jr. FX Support TD
Texturing Artist
Digital Artist: Compositor
Digital Production Coordinator

Apprentice Program
Lighting Apprentice Program
training begins at Hyderabad on 30-May-2011
Last date for application 20-May-2011
Match Move Apprentice Program
training begins at Hyderabad on 4-Jul-2011
BG Prep / Roto Apprentice Program
training begins at Mumbai on 4-Jul-2011

Digital Artists
3D Digital Artist: Animator
Digital Artist: Compositor
BG Artist / Digital Painter

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To apply for an open position at Rhythm & Hues Studios India, please email your resume, along with a cover letter, to:

For Artist positions and Apprentice programs:
For Administrative positions:
For Technology positions:
For all other positions:
Please DO NOT send attachments of images or demo reels by email.
For more information about the Online Tests for the Animator Apprentice Program,
please email